Organoid Research

Intestinal Organoid Virtual Training

Available on-demand. Customers will receive access to online materials and the Intestinal Organoid Starter Kit within one week of registration.

Participants Receive

1. Intestinal Organoid Starter Kit:

Mouse Intestinal Organoids (Catalog #70931) 
IntestiCultTM Organoid Growth Medium (Mouse) (Catalog #06005)
Gentle Cell Dissociation Reagent (Catalog #07174)

2. Step-By-Step Procedural Videos

Session 1:
Thaw cryopreserved intestinal organoids and culture in IntestiCultTM Organoid Growth Medium (Mouse)
Observe organoid morphology in culture after 3 hours, 1 day and 2 days

Session 2:
Observe time course of organoid morphology in culture and discuss long-term maintenance

Session 3:
Evaluate optimal organoid morphology for passaging and cryopreservation
Passage mouse intestinal organoids and discuss cryopreservation

Session 4:
Lectures delivered by Senior Scientist and Intestinal Team Lead, Dr. Ryan Conder:

Lecture Topics:
Introduction to Intestinal Organoid Culture
Functional Applications of Intestinal Organoid Culture